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Igor Zirojević

Photographer - Architect, born in Pula in 1967. 

Graduated in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. 

1998 establishes Stožer his own graphic design, photography and visual communications studio. 2012 establishes the StudioLab Association intensifying his art photography and editing activity.

Lives and works in Pula.

Grants & Awards 


2012 - Photodays, Rovinj

First prize for landscapes photography



Zuccato Gallery, Poreč 2016

Arcadian Discomfort

Makina Gallery, Pula 2016

Entropy Continuum

Makina Gallery, Pula 2015

An Interval City - Tenants

Photon Gallery, Ljubljana 2016

Magyar Muhely, Budapest, 2015

Makina Gallery, Pula, 2014

Entropic Landscapes

Josip Bužančić Gallery,

Zagreb, 2014

Museum of Contemporary Art,

Pula, 2013

Zen Gardens

Makina Gallery, Pula, 2012


Museum of Contemporary Art,

Pula, 2010

Digital Diary

ULUPUH Gallery, Zagreb, 2003

POU Gallery, Buzet, 2002

MMC Luka, Pula, 2002


Kantina, Pula 2004


Podroom, Pula 1999

Group exhibitions:

Landscapes of Consciousness

MMC Luka, Pula, 2014

Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, 2014

Zsolnay Heritage Ltd. House of Art and Literature, Martyn Ferenc Gallery, Pécs, 2014

Disappearing Vistas

Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade, 2014

Most Gallery, Novi Sad, 2013

Makina Gallery, Pula, 2012

Polis: Postindustrial City

Cultural Centre Karlo Rojc,

Pula, 2011

Parts of Uncertain Story

SIZ Gallery, Rijeka, 2009

Reflection in the Mirror - Self-Portrait in Photography

ULUPUH Gallery, Zagreb, 2006


MMC Luka, Pula, 2002


2014 - An Interval City

2016 - Istria - tailored to the human scale.

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